Live House and Beer Garden
​1906 Cypress Avenue, Cypress Park, Los Angeles 90065

Cafe NELA is located at 1906 Cypress Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90065.  We are in Cypress Park, North East Los Angeles, one block east of Division street.  Across the LA River from the 5 between the 110 and the 2.

Free street parking is available on Cypress Avenue and on San Fernando Road.

We are open most Thursday through Saturday nights from 8:30pm to Midnight. Sundays we have variable hours so please check the upcoming shows to find out this weeks hours.

Cafe NELA is Northeast LA's home for music.  We feature Punk, Hard Rock, Jazz, Blues, Heavy Metal, Experimental, Psychedelic, and Ethnic Music.  

We are licensed as a beer parlor and are not authorized to sell wine or hard liquor.

Even though the name says Cafe we are a bar so the shows are 21 and over.  

If you are affiliated in anyway with Sesac, you must obtain a waiver from their licensing division, or you cannot perform any of their affiliated music while performing at Cafe NELA.  We are not under license with Sesac.  We do not have DJs or Karaoke.

Location + Hours


All shows are 21 and over ​


Friday December 2

Haunted Garage

Rosemary's Billygoat

Radioactive Chicken Heads

Santa Sabbath

$10 8:30

Saturday December 3

The Alleycats

Egrets on Ergot

Trap Girl

Traps PS

Big Debbie

8PM $5

Sunday December 4

The Great Sadness

Flesh, Blood, and Bones

6:30 Free

Thursday December 8

 Heart Beach (Tasmania) 11

Holly and the Italians 10

Brochure 9

8:30 $5

Friday December 9

Somos Mysteriosos Record Release Party

Ghidrah 9

Mecolodiacs 10

Somos Mysteriosos 11

Tommy Chiffon - 12

Saturday December 10
Big Pig 9

Mike Watt and the Secondmen 10

Trotsky Icepick 11

Radwaste 12

8:30 $10

Sunday December 11
​The Rocketz 11

Arwen and Peter Lewis (Moby Grape 10)
The Knitts 9
8:30 $5

​Thursday December 15
Name the Band (Brazil)
Tiger Tank
SoCal Tennis Pros
​8:30 $5

Friday December 16

Danza Azteca Xipe Totec
Los Savages with Norton Wisdom
The Mourners
The Atomic Sherpas
​8:30 $10 

Saturday December 17

Santa Sabbath
Double Naught Spy Car
​8:30 $10

Sunday December 18
Cafe NELA's Josh Berry Birthday Party

Mr. Me
Discos Rayados
Le Cos
Rosemary Reyes Band
Rubber Snake Charmers

December 22-25 closed

Thursday December 29
​Max Kutner
Burning Ghosts

​Friday December 30
Toothpick Elbow
Mother Flower (NYC)
Atomic Sherpas

Saturday December 31

The Gears

The Mormons

Somos Mysteriosos
8:30 $10 ($5 before 9)


Upcoming Shows